Mitsuwa & Morton Arboretum

Happy Tuesday! Tsukasa Taiko has started the month of August off with a busy weekend performing at Mitsuwa Marketplace’s annual Summer Bon Dance Festival this past Saturday, and Sunday at Morton Arboretum’s Destination Asia Summer Festival. Luckily we weren’t rained on during any of our weekend performances, and our “I’m a fan of Tsukasa Taiko” fans we gave out were perfect for the hot, humid weather.

The Mitsuwa performance is always special because students from all class levels are performing together and it’s important for us  to be a part of the Japanese community in the Arlington Heights/Schaumburg area. This weekend was particularly special because it was one our Gintenkai performers’ last performances before he leaves for college. Tsukasa values the educated mind, so college is a requirement for all of our current members (a little exaggerated but we 100% do encourage it!) and so we had to send off our teen into the real world. But since he is a good sport and so dedicated, he will be joining us again at the MCA for our Taiko Legacy 11 along with some of our other alumni.  We’ll miss you Colin~ Good luck in school and see you in December!

Sunday was our Morton Arboretum show, and if you see the website it has been quite a while since we last performed. The two kids in the red happi are now 15 and 19 years old. But we did bring our new generation of chibikko players and they certainly did a wonderful job. (They played 4 time this weekend: in two shows, two days in a row)  お疲れ様でした!


*Photos by Atsu Tatsuki, Ayaka Valenta, and George Wong.

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