Global Pungmul Institute – SoriBeat workshop

As part of Tsukasa Taiko’s ongoing project to collaborate with different musical genres and cultures, Tsukasa hosted a drumming workshop with Global Pungmul Institute this weekend. Executive Director Byoung Sug Kim brought resident artist Suwan Choi and Global Pungmul Institute’s youth performance group SoriBeat to educate us.  Tsukasa Taiko and Global Pungmul Institute have similar goals in preserving the artistic excellence of drumming through traditional cultural and musical aesthetics so it was a wonderful learning experience for all of us.

The SoriBeat performers shared with us a beautiful piece in which the choreography was large part of the routine. We learned that much like Japanese culture, pungmul music is heavily inspired by nature, where instruments represent elements such as thunder, rain, and clouds.In return, our Gintenkai members presented our classic songs from the 70s, where again, the beauty comes from the choreography as much as the music. The SoriBeat kids also had a chance to try playing sukeroku style.

Thank you Byoung Sug, Suwan, and SoriBeat for this opportunity to share our music and our culture. We look forward to many more future collaborations.

They also have a post on their website!