August performances~

Hope everyone is enjoying their last month of summer vacation before school resumes. Tsukasa has been quite busy the last two weeks with about 9 performances in 13 days with multiple sets per show.
We started off the first weekend of August at Mitsuwa Marketplace’s Annual Bon Odori summer festival and Morton Arboretum’s Destination Asia festival, where Tsukasa Taiko and The Miyumi Project played. We then had our performances for the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Park events, at Midway Plaisance, Ping Tom Park and Haas Park. We also played in Oak Park for the Thursday Night Out Marion Street.
Fujima Ryu of Chicago who is now also under AIRMW joined us for the park performances and also performed at Ginza festival with our newest Tsukasa members. It was an exhausting two weeks, so thank you performers and parents for coming!

To help us with our busy schedule, we actually had Wesley Yee from Genryu Arts in San Francisco fly out to help and to study with us. Wesley is part of Gentaiko led by Melody Takata, with whom Tsukasa Taiko has been collaborating with for over a decade. During this time our director Tatsu has been sharing our gintenkai songs with Gentaiko’s Performing Ensemble in hopes of creating sort of a national Gintenkai network to strengthen and preserve our legacy and the aesthetics of the performing fine arts.
It is important for the next generations of Tsukasa and Genryu Arts to keep this professional bond and strong friendship. So Wesley came and played in all our performances and learned new pieces to take back to San Francisco. And hopefully next summer we will have more of our friends from Gentaiko come visit us!