A Celebration of Unification: Through our Music

Today Tsukasa Taiko participated in Project Ul-ssi-gu 2015 hosted by Global Pungmul Institute/SoriBeat’s Byoung Sug. We were especially honored to be a part of this event that celebrated the end of WWII and the 70th year anniversary of Korean Independence, as we must not forget the historical precedence that fostered immense social and political tension between Korean and Japan. However, in this time and age especially as minority cultures present in the United States, it becomes even more important to move forward and unite as one. As people committed to preserving our culture, traditions and legacy through drumming, through music.

The event was held in Wrigley Square in Millennium park, where community groups from various Asian cultures gathered to share our respective styles of drumming. There were representatives for Indonesia (NIU Gamelan Ensemble), Thailand (Klong Sa Bud Chai), Korea (SoriBeat), Japan (Tsukasa Taiko) and China (Cheng Da Drum Team).

The highlight of the event was the last performance by a Samulnori group from Korea, Pyeong-taek Nongak. They just had a concert at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie.And much like our previous collaboration with SoriBeat, the day ended with a last session with everyone playing together. Again, it was an honor to be a part of this wonderful celebration. Thank you for having us!