Lauren Deutsch: A Musical Metaphorphosis – Photographs from 1979-2015

Our lovely friend Lauren Deutsch currently has her solo photography exhibition up on the second floor of the Logan Center at University of Chicago. Lauren is a huge proponent of the musical and visual arts, and has been photographing the Chicago jazz scene for the last few decades. The exhibition follows her photographic journey from her early darkroom collages, black and white portraits of renowned musicians, up to her current work where she documents the movement and essence of jazz music.

The exhibition opens with a huge portrait of Tatsu and has many photos of our annual Taiko Legacy presentation throughout. There are many other familiar faces of musicians that Tsukasa has collaborated with, and some will be playing with us at the MCA for Taiko Legacy 12 and Reduction III! The show will be up until October 18th, so please stop by the Logan Center and show your support for Lauren ~