Master Apprentice 2015

Our weekend of the traditional arts continues with the Master Apprentice program presentation held this evening December 21st at the Hairpin Arts Center. The program was the culmination of a year long apprenticeship of classical Japanese dance and music made possible under the Ethnic and Folk Arts Master Apprentice Program by the Illinois Arts Council. The apprenticeship pairs were from Fujima Ryu of Chicago for Yoshinojo Fujima (Rika Lin) studying under Grandmaster Fujima Shunojo; and Toyoaki Shamisen for Kiku Taura studying under Sanjuro Toyoaki (Tatsu Aoki).

Each pair presented their pieces and were joined special guests Kineya Chizuru (shamisen) and Kawamura Kizan (shakuhachi) from Japan and Tsukasa Taiko members Sandra Inoue, Lori Ashikawa and Kioto Aoki, for this special evening.

Thank you for everyone who came to support this presentation and the Illinois Arts Council for continuing to support the preservation of traditional Japanese arts in Chicago.

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