March 11 – Kizuna 4

Yesterday, March 11 marked the 4th anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster which devastated the eastern coast of Japan. Every year Tsukasa participates in the exhibition held at the Daley Center that chronicles the recovery in Japan. Though there has been much progress and recovery there is still much to do and it is important to continue to support the cause.

Tsukasa and…Beyonce?!?!

Chicago Magazine Taiko Legacy 10

Big news. If you haven’t heard, Beyonce dropped her new album today. And she’s coming to Chicago to perform this weekend and it’s going to be the biggest show ever. Chicago Magazine’s listed her concert as one of the most anticipated events happening around Chicago in their December issue. But Chicago Magazine has good taste and also knows that the the other must-see event this month is Tsukasa Taiko’s annual Taiko Legacy concert presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Our own Miyumi stands in as the Tsukasa representative, right next to Queen Bey.

We have one more week until the show and we are super excited! It will be a very busy schedule this upcoming week: finals plague our student performers as they work to schedule study time between rehearsals at the MCA , our taiko need to be transported, our guests from San Francisco and Japan will be flying in, and not to mention that it’s about zero degrees outside. The Tsukasa family, performers and staff are working hard to present to you the best Legacy concert yet for our 10th anniversary, so we hope to see you all there!

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Taiko Legacy, visit the MCA website to do so!

Avant Taiko

So remember back at the end of summer in August, Tsukasa was invited to play in the Chicago Jazz Festival? We collaborated with Michael Zerang and Hamid Drake at the Jazz and Heritage Pavilion in Millennium park? Well we found Tsukasa on a listing of all the ‘avant’ performances in Chicago on this website, . Thanks to our director Tatsu Aoki, it looks like we are now a part of the avant-garde music scene!

See the page here!